STAY QUIT: A cognitive behavioral approach to RELAPSE PREVENTION: Relapse Prevention is an evidence-based program that helps participants avoid a relapse by recognizing risky situations, coping with urges and cravings, being around users, understanding support issues, and taking charge. Helps you understand which situations and people may trigger a relapse. Relapse prevention is the primary goal of treatment, but focusing on relapse prevention issues and is not actively using substances. Very effective program also for referrals such from drugs, DUI courts, juvenile substance abuse treatment programs, corrections facilities, probation and parole departments, community corrections, diversions programs, stipulated orders of continuance, private settings, and volunteers. Breaking cycles and helping communities. The program has eight modules completed in 8-10 weekly group sessions. Clients complete homework for each module prior to appearing in the group. Cost: $250.00, which includes the price of the workbook. Please note that the fee is non-refundable. *Ask about our payment plan.

The Course includes

2 Sections

4 Lessons

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